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Willkommen! This is Rebloom's art blog. Mostly filled with OCs. Sometimes something quality.

Please refer to my "about" section if you have any questions about me, my art, art tools/process.

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July 23rd 2014 2 notes

Digital and I are at odds atm.

L’académie de magie de Beauxbâtons AU

#leo muses #les mis fanart #this is shit sorry lmao I'm going back to my sketchbook
July 22nd 2014 13 notes

Got some new pens and a new sketchbook for my birthday!

#bloom art
June 18th 2014 3 notes

Poutyjolras and rockstar!Grantaire. Idk.

#goodnight #bloom art #sketch #Les Mis fanart
June 10th 2014 8 notes

My new Fursona and Les Mis OC Pierre all hail (this is a joke)

#leo muses #I've reserved the URL goatonthebarricade
June 09th 2014 5 notes

Asked on my personal blog. Unfortunately I chose to draw Emm, since I already had this sketch up ready for color. Color meme.

#marrrow #hark! #color palette meme #bloom art #sketch #leo replies
June 05th 2014 22 notes

I can explain why I drew Hamlet and Horatio as dogs just…just gimmie a moment

#hamlet #horatio #shakespeare #hamlet fanart #dogs #bloom art #sketch #I'm so sorry for this #I decided on belgian shepherd and basenji
June 04th 2014 6 notes

More traditional sketches. Ravi (Ras), Heike, Della.

#bloom art #sketch #hark!
June 03rd 2014 3 notes

Feeling a bit ill so I’m laying in bed sketching Ibbie.

#bloom art #sketch #hark!
June 01st 2014 7 notes

Day 1 is choose your fav character. Now, that’s gotta be Adachi. But then I thought, wow, but I love Chie, too, and Fuuka, and other characters. Damn. Most of these aren’t even from Persona 4. Oh well. You can’t stop me from bumping some Persona 3 into a Persona 4 week because P3 already doesn’t get enough love as is.

#p4week2014 #persona fanart #bloom art #sketch
June 01st 2014 9 notes

I’m gonna be opening an ask blog for Miko soon! Mostly because I’m in love with him and I want an excuse to draw him all the time. So I’m working my way through Prague Race again and doing some character studies. This is one of my sketch dumps! I just hope my dumb doodles will be okay for the blog ; O ;

Edit: Okay tumblr just make this super blurry. See if I care. W/e.

#prague race #bloom art #sketch #prague race fanart #fanart
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